SACCOL 13th Annual General Meeting

The 13th AGM took place in East London from 16 to 18 September Members came from all over South Africa To attend the very important meeting.

News & Events

SACCOL and INSIKA RURAL DEVELOPMENT TRUST joined hands to Develop rural Saccos in Kwazulu Natal. 15 Saccos were registered in 2010 serving a rural membership of 7000.

ACCOSCA held its SACCA congress in Swaziland from 4th to 8th October 2010. The Congress was represented by almost 30 countries across Africa. The occasion were graced by the presence of government ministers from Kenya and Swaziland.

The next congress will be held in Ghana in October 2011.

Introduction to SACCOL


The Savings and Credit Co-operative League of SA (SACCOL) Ltd. was established by Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCOs) and Credit Unions around South Africa as their National Association.

SACCOL has three primary functions:

  1. Representative of the SACCO movement both locally and internationally.

  2. To provide development services to SACCOs. SACCOL services its member organizations by providing training, advice and other technical services as well as accepting deposits from and making loans to its members.

  3. To regulate SACCOs.

SACCOL is owned and controlled by its member SACCOs. Members exercise proportional voting rights according to the size of its membership. SACCOs elect members onto the SACCOL board and various committees. More>>

15 October 2009

Use Thursday 15 October 2009, to raise awareness about the great work SACCO`S are doing and give members the opportunity to get more involved in the SACCO movement! SACCO`S  and associations in every part of the world, from Kentucky to Kenya, Alberta to Azerbaijan, celebrate the day with open houses, contests and picnics

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